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press release · 31 January 2014

New rules on liquids in hand luggage effective 31 January 2014

The European Union has changed its regulations concerning liquids in hand luggage effective 31 January 2014.

Thanks to new technology for the detection of liquid explosives, restrictions introduced in 2006 following an attempted terrorist attack have now been modified. The new rules affect medicines, special foods in liquid form and liquids purchased in duty-free shops, which are now subject to new inspections using special explosives-detection technology.

Duty-free liquids purchased at any airport or on board a flight will be allowed in hand luggage as long as they are sealed in a tamper-evident security bag and are screened using the special explosives-detection technology. This technology will also be used to screen liquid medicines and liquid foods starting 31 January 2014.

Small quantities of liquids may be carried in hand luggage as long as the container does not hold more than 100 ml and each container is carried in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag with a total capacity of up to one litre.
All liquids must be taken out of other hand baggage and screened separately. If the security screening is unable to determine without a doubt that the liquid is harmless, then the liquid cannot be carried in hand luggage.

Liquids amounting to more than 100 ml which are not medicine, special foods or duty-free purchases cannot be carried in hand luggage.

For more information, please refer to the information sheet and the answers to questions about liquids in hand luggage.

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