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Professor Dr Krings in the middle. Jüri Ratas, Ministerpresident of the Republic Estonia (at the left) and Rene Tammist, Minister (at the right).
News · 17 October 2018

Tallinn Digital Summit on 15 and 16 October

Artificial intelligence: opportunities and challenges

The second Tallinn Digital Summit took place in the Estonian capital on 15 and 16 October 2018. Professor Dr Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community, participated, together with 250 high-ranking attendees from 20 different countries, to discuss how economies can benefit from artificial intelligence and the free movement of data and how they can meet the challenges new technologies pose for governments, businesses and security.

"Estonia is a leader in providing citizen-friendly digital government services. I am delighted that the Estonian government decided to advance the initiative from its Council Presidency and has once again invited us to a Digital Summit. We should address both the fascinating opportunities of artificial intelligence and its risks together with our democratic partners in Europe and worldwide. Today’s conference is a good starting point for this discussion", Prof. Dr Krings said.

Prof. Dr Krings was accompanied by a delegation of five experts in artificial intelligence from the public and private sector. Summit participants attentively followed Germany’s presentations on the use of artificial intelligence in public administration and on the security of new technologies. A key takeaway from the event was that all countries face similar challenges when it comes to artificial intelligence. Discussions focused in particular on personal data protection, privacy and the frequent lack of trust in the ability of public administration to handle personal data and to cope with the challenges of using artificial intelligence. Another topic was access to data for commercial use and promising business models. The summit is an Estonian initiative to regularly bring together heads of government, ministers responsible for digital affairs, policy-makers, the tech community and influential thinkers from “digital-minded” countries worldwide to discuss the digital future of our societies.