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INNENPOLITIK Press release 2010.10.04 State­ment by the Fed­er­al Min­is­ter of the In­te­ri­or con­cern­ing the lat­est trav­el alerts

In response to the latest travel alerts issued by the U.S. and other foreign authorities, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr Thomas de Maizière, issued a public statement in Berlin today at 14:00. The Federal Minister of the Interior was quoted as follows:

"In view of the current travel alerts issued by the United States and now also by Japan, which are not travel warnings but travel alerts, I was briefed at the Joint Counter-Terrorism Centre again this morning by the heads of our security authorities on the current security and threat situation. I can summarize this briefing as follows: 

Since spring 2009 there have been indications that the Al Qaeda terrorist organization has long-term plans to carry out attacks in the U.S. and in Europe, including Germany. These indications are based on emerging intelligence and are analysed and evaluated by the federal and state security authorities with the appropriate intensity and care, and with the knowledge we have been gathering for years on persons who constitute a potential threat in Germany. 

As you know, in this context persons have also recently been arrested abroad. 

For weeks, our federal security authorities have been working very closely with our international partners. The same applies to me personally. We are drawing on all available sources of information. 

To summarize, there are currently no concrete indications of imminent attacks in Germany. However, there is a high level of abstract threat, with German interests at home and abroad having been a target of international terrorism for some time. We take all indications very seriously and investigate them very carefully. 

Please understand that I cannot and do not wish to describe the individual measures taken by our authorities, also in order not to jeopardize their success. But you can be sure, firstly, that all information is being incorporated into the assessment of the situation, and secondly, that this information results in measures appropriate to the situation, now and in the future. 

In any case, there is at present no need for alarm."

Information from the Federal Ministry of the Interior can be found on the Internet at

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