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EXTREMISM News 2012.06.14 En­force­ment mea­sures against Salafist as­so­ci­a­tions

Enforcement measures taken throughout Germany against Salafist associations imposed by the Federal Minister of the Interior on 14 June 2012

Today, 14 June 2012, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU), issued a ban against the Salafist association “Millatu Ibrahim” and initiated criminal investigations under the law on associations against DawaFFM and DWR (“The True Religion”). The ban of “Millatu Ibrahim” and the relevant search and seizure warrants issued against DawaFFM and DWR have been simultaneously enforced in seven federal Länder (Berlin, Bavaria, Hesse, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, North-Rhine/Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein) as from six this morning.

The ban and the dissolution of “Millatu Ibrahim” are based on the fact that the association is directed against the constitutional order and the concept of international understanding. For this reason, the Federal Minister of the Interior as the competent authority for imposing the ban decreed the dissolution of the association today. The association’s assets will be seized and confiscated. 

The German Federal Government, and the Federal Minister of the Interior in particular, firmly believe in the peaceful coexistence with our approximately four million Muslim citizens. The freedom of religion laid down in our constitution is a central pillar of our free state order, which depends on tolerance and constructive dialogue. This dialogue has also been institutionalized by the Federal Interior Ministry in the German Islam Conference. 

The freedom of religion stops, however, whenever our state and social order is attacked with violent means under the guise of religious legitimacy. The Salafist association “Millatu Ibrahim” banned today by the Federal Minister of the Interior as the competent authority for imposing the ban calls upon Muslims in Germany to join the active fight against our free and democratic basic order. By imposing the Sharia as the only legitimate god-sent law, the social order propagated by Millatu Ibrahim would render our democratically legitimized laws null and void. Whoever attacks our state order laid down in the Basic Law will feel the consequences of our well-fortified democracy with all its resistance. With the measures taken today, the Federal Minister of the Interior has clearly demonstrated his resistance against such efforts. 

Thus, today’s measures are definitely not directed against the approximately four million peaceful Muslims in Germany, but exclusively against associations of radical Salafists who declare to be the enemy of our constitution and act accordingly. 



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