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Article So­cial co­he­sion / vol­un­teer­ing

The Federal Minister of the Interior hopes to encourage individuals to actively contribute to shaping society

Shared values based on our democratic system hold our society together. Promoting and preserving such cohesion is the shared responsibility of government and society. Tolerance and respect are essential values for today’s society and make it possible for individuals to live the way they want.

Especially in difficult times of rapid global change, the public needs to take part in the democratic process and have a say concerning the things that affect their lives.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of the Interior takes special responsibility for reducing crime, violence and extremism well before it arises by means of systematic prevention and by optimizing existing federal measures, in close cooperation with other federal ministries.

Promoting and enhancing social cohesion in all areas of life is especially important in this context. More than 30 million citizens play an active role in society. In sport clubs, cultural associations or musical societies, at school, in child day-care centres, in the field of environmental protection or fire protection, in the health-care sector, civic associations, neighbourhood initiatives, environmental projects, in disaster management and civil protection, in welfare associations and volunteer services, in church congregations, migrant organizations, trade unions or political parties: Civic engagement has many faces.



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