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Article Ger­man Is­lam Con­fer­ence

In 2006, the German Islam Conference opened the first institutionalized dialogue between representatives of the German government and of Muslims in Germany

In recent decades, Germany has experienced greater religious and cultural diversity, above all as the result of immigration from Muslim countries of origin. Today, roughly 4.5 million Muslims live in Germany, accounting for about 5.5% of the total population. A substantial number of them are German citizens.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior launched the German Islam Conference on 27 September 2006, creating the first forum for dialogue between federal, state and local authorities and Muslims in Germany.

The aim of this dialogue is to improve the religious and social participation of the Muslim population in Germany, to give greater recognition to existing contributions of Muslims to German society, and to further develop the partnership and dialogue between the government and Islamic organizations. The Conference also wants to find solutions for Muslims according to German religious law and regarding practical religious matters.

In 2014, the work programme for the current legislative session, ending in September 2017, was adopted. The main topics are welfare by and for Muslims and Muslim chaplaincy in public institutions. In both fields, the German Islam Conference adopted conclusions including many projects to be implemented in the coming years.

Given the large numbers of refugees from predominantly Muslim countries who have arrived recently, the Conference also supports efforts and projects of Muslim organizations which aim at providing support for refugees.



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