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Society and the Constitution Demography Article Ev­ery Age Counts: The Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment’s de­mo­graph­ic strat­e­gy

Demographic change will have a more profound impact on Germany in the years and decades to come than almost any other development

The good news is that we are living longer, are more healthy and mobile than any other generation before us. Also, our society is becoming increasingly diverse. On the other hand, in Germany the percentage of senior citizens is increasing in relation to the percentage of young people. Forecasts suggest that even increased migration to Germany will not reverse this general trend.

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Every Age Counts

The further development of the Federal Government’s demographic strategy

The further development of the Federal Government’s demographic strategy

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Having presented its first report on demography in 2011, the Federal Government adopted a demographic strategy and initiated a dialogue with representatives of the state and local level, economic and social associations, academia and civil society in 2012. In the following years, the strategy was expanded and corresponding measures were implemented.

The Federal Government’s demographic strategy aims at creating the best possible framework to strengthen the potential for economic growth and pass on the material well-being achieved to future generations. The demographic strategy pursues a broad approach that focuses not only on material aspects but also seeks to step up and foster social cohesion in our country. According to the Federal Government, this means in particular providing all generations with good opportunities to participate.
Taking stock of the demographic situation at the end of the 18th legislative term, the Federal Government presented a report in the spring of 2017 outlining the measures it has taken during this legislative term and the trends that are essential to shaping demographic change.

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