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Article Weapons law

Weapons law considers public security and order in governing who may use weapons and ammunition.

Weapons law is intended to increase internal security by regulating the private possession of weapons. It also fights illegal arms trafficking and possession.

The 1976 Weapons Act was replaced effective 1 April 2003 by two new acts: the Weapons Act and the Act on the Proof Testing of Arms and Ammunition. It was last amended effective 25 November 2012. The Weapons Act safeguards public safety and order and regulates weapons and ammunition: who is allowed to acquire, possess and carry weapons and who is allowed to produce and sell them. The Act on the Proof Testing of Arms and Ammunition is intended to ensure that weapons and ammunition are safe to use.

The new law also increased the requirements for persons allowed to use weapons. Regulations on storing weapons were made stricter; certain weapons mainly used in violent crimes were banned; and the use of air guns and those shooting blanks was further regulated.

The Act on the Proof Testing of Arms and Ammunition covers product safety concerns, especially testing and approving firearms, ammunition and other weapons in order to protect their users and third persons when used in accordance with the law.



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