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Preventing and investigating crime is largely the responsibility of the federal and state police forces.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), among others, helps the Federal Ministry of the Interior with its tasks related to fighting crime.

The main priorities are fighting Internet crime, politically motivated crime and serious and organized crime, including drug-related crime and money laundering.

Technological changes create major challenges for the police. Information and communications technology is not only changing the types of crimes, it also offers new prospects for more effective police work.

Drug-related crime

Drug-related crime refers to offences under the Narcotics Act as well as robbery, theft and prescription forgery to acquire narcotics.

Human trafficking

As a modern form of slavery, human trafficking is a global phenomenon involving massive violations of human rights.

Internet crime

Germany is becoming a modern information society. But the virtual world has copied many of the negative aspects of the real world.

Politically motivated crime

Tracking, analysing and fighting politically motivated crime are very important domestic policy concerns.

Money laundering

Tackling money laundering is a good way to attack organized crime where it is especially vulnerable.

Economic crime

Although economic crime makes up only about 1–2% of all criminal offences, it is responsible for about half of all damage caused by crime.

Youth crime

To fight youth crime, the Federal Government’s highest priority is prevention.



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