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Article Counter-ter­ror­ism

Islamist-motivated international terrorism is now and will for the foreseeable future remain the greatest threat to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany and the West, and one of the greatest challenges for the security authorities.

Even before 9/11, the threat situation was in constant flux and remains so today. The threats we face today will probably not be the same ones we will face in ten years. For this reason, our security authorities have major challenges to deal with.

International terrorism is aimed at spreading fear and terror. International terrorism not only threatens the individual freedom and security in our open societies, it also undermines tried and tested structures of the international order. But we will not let terrorism determine the way we live or restrict our freedoms.

We must overcome these challenges – and we are. With its counter-terrorism policy, the Federal Government has responded decisively to the new dimension of threat posed by international terrorism since 9/11 and has taken a number of legislative, organizational and social policy measures to fight international terrorism. This counter-terrorism policy is based on the Federal Government’s comprehensive security strategy to fight Islamist terrorism in line with the aims of the EU’s strategy. And cooperation with Germany’s partners abroad is an essential part of counter-terrorism.



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