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Article Il­le­gal mi­gra­tion

Germany actively combats illegal entry and residence. This effort is closely related to the fight against illegal employment, as the hope of illegal employment increases the incentive to enter the country illegally.

Illegal migration and its effects on crime, the labour market and social insurance systems in Germany pose a special challenge for our society and must therefore be effectively prevented.

The Joint Centre for Illegal Migration Analysis and Policy

Established in May 2006, the Joint Centre for Illegal Migration Analysis and Policy (GASIM) plays a key role in this effort by bringing together authorities and other administrative bodies (Federal Criminal Police Office, Federal Police, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, financial control section of the Federal Customs Administration, Federal Intelligence Service, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and the Federal Foreign Office) to gather, analyse and evaluate information on general and organized crime, in particular smuggling; and on illegal employment and misuse of social benefits related to illegal immigration.

In addition, participation of the responsible national authorities and support of international cooperation is essential for success. GASIM is located at the Federal Police Headquarters in Potsdam.

In developing the common immigration policy, taking effective action to stop illegal immigration continues to be crucial. An effective policy on returns and prevention of human smuggling and trafficking is an important part of this effort.



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