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Article Elec­tron­ic proof of iden­ti­ty

Using the electronic proof of identity lets you control your personal data and protect them against misuse on the Internet.

The Internet and digitization are changing society and our daily lives. No other medium in the past was able to overcome time and distance so dramatically. Today, the Internet offers almost endless possibilities for information, shopping and entertainment. But taking advantage of these possibilities always involves sending personal information across the Internet. So it is important also on the Internet to protect your personal information against misuse, to be able to verify your identity and always know to whom you are sending your data.

This is where the electronic identification function can help. If you have a new national ID card or an electronic residence permit, you can use the online ID function to securely verify your identity on the Internet and when using vending machines or kiosks. The online ID function also reliably identifies who you are dealing with on the Internet, for example when shopping online or using e-government services.

The online ID function lets you shop, bank and conduct government or insurance transactions safely online, saving you time and money. Your personal data are protected at all times. They are sent only with your approval and in encrypted form via the Internet.

The electronic identification function makes the Internet safer, and it’s practical too: You don’t have to enter your personal data over and over again, which is convenient and prevents typing errors. It also offers many advantages for businesses and government agencies: The information they receive is always correct and in electronic form, which speeds up processing.

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National identity card

The new national identity card in credit-card format has been issued since 1 November 2010.

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